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Asian Fruit Importers Inbound Mission Tour – Spring 2016

Asian Fruit Importers Inbound Mission Tour – Spring 2016

~To visit Vancouver/Okanagan Cherry and Blueberry farms with a Vancouver tour~

Are you in the fruit importing business and want to know how to purchase the best, freshest Canadian (BC) cherries and blueberries to import into your country, now and for years to come? If so then you are invited to join this very special tour that will introduce you to how to purchase BC fruits!


Asian Fruit Importers Inbound Mission Details

At the start of June 2016, fruit importers from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan are invited to come visit our British Columbia (BC)  fruit farms in a fruit industry and sightseeing tour specially organized by Eat Marketing. The purpose of this inbound trip is

  1. To show fruit importers more about BC with touring and sightseeing to visit parks and wineries.
  2. To teach fruit importers about BC cherries and blueberries, show them the fruit growing on the trees and teach them how to order.
  3. And it is possible to discuss investing in farm land for future production or buying a working blueberry or cherry farm.

*this trip will have a special focus on BC cherry farms.

Most of the fruit importers will be Chinese, but fruit importers from other countries are invited as well.

AdobeStock_90643716-300pxNote: at present, BC Cherries are not only able to enter the Chinese market, they are in high demand. Our BC Blueberries are approved to enter China, but we are waiting to hear when shipments to China can start (we hope will be by June or July of this year).

We have scheduled this trip for the end of May/start of June because there will be plenty to see then and we want to give participants the option to stay and attend the 2016 Comox Valley Seafood Festival on Vancouver Island, that happens from June 9th, 2016.

We have also made the cost/investment for this fruit importer’s tour the comparable to other tours coming to Vancouver, but of course, our tour is focused on the BC fruit industry business.


 Number of Delegate Spots Available

We are only accepting up to 10 companies to attend. Adults only and there can be several people per company. If there is a large interest, then we may consider accepting more people. We require a minimum of 5 companies to attend to keep the tour the way it is. Tour is subject to change.

Note: Chinese visitors to Canada need to have a Canadian business VISA, which normally takes up to four weeks to process. We can supply a letter of invitation and the Canadian government can help Chinese importers get their VISA in 10 working days. It may be possible for visitors to use a Visitor’s Visa to enter Canada for this tour. Please check with your Canadian Consulate.

***The tour dates are May 31st to June 6th, 2016***

 Tour Itinerary

Day 1 – May 31st – delegates arrive in Vancouver

  • Arrive and check-in to hotel
  • Short tour of Vancouver/sightseeing
  • Dinner with the BC Government
  • Return to hotel in the evening

Day 2 – June 1st – visit blueberry farm/packing house, as well as honey producercherry2-250px

  • Visit blueberry farms and packing houses in Langley and Abbotsford
  • Attend presentation on BC blueberries (varieties, ordering, shipping)
  • See farms for sale

Day 3 – June 2nd – fly or bus to Kelowna

  • Half day of travel followed by dinner and relaxing

Day 4 – June 3rd – visit cherry farm and wineries

  • Visit cherry farms and packing houses in the BC Okanagan
  • Attend presentation on BC cherries (varieties, ordering, shipping)
  • Visit wineries and touring/sightseeing

Day 5 – June 4th – more touring around the Okanagan

  • Return to Vancouver (half day of travel)
  • Grocery store tour

Day 6 – June 5th – return to Vancouver

  • Vancouver tour or additional business

Day 7 – June 6th -site tours of Vancouver grocery and End of Tour

  • Breakfast and end of buyers trip

Those who are interested to the 2016 Comox Valley Seafood Festival in Comox, BC (on Vancouver Island) can stay longer to attend. Please ask us for details.

 The Cost/Investment for the Inbound Mission

The cost per person for The Asian Fruit Importer’s Inbound Mission is:

$4047 CAD = ¥19888 CNY

*This trip is in the summer tourist season which is when everything will be booked up or quite expensive but we are able to provide the same price as other tours coming to Vancouver.

Hotel, major meals and transportation for the trip is provided.  This does not include airfare, you must book your own flight to Vancouver to arrive on, or before May 31st.

How to Register

To register, you must contact Sally Wang at <sally@eatmarketing.com>, WeChat: wangchan678815 or phone +001-604-728-8610

She will give you instructions on how to TT payment to use as well as provide a letter of invitation for you to get your business Visa.

 The Benefits for Chinese Buyers to Join this Tripblueberry-300px

  1. The Chinese buyers will learn more about British Columbia (BC) and Canada.
  2. Eat Marketing knows where the farms that can ship to China or are for sale/looking for investment are.
  3. They will meet the farmers and can see the fruits growing on the trees.
  4. They can pre-purchase or make investments.
  5. They will see how we sell fruits in our stores.
  6. We will have a dinner with some BC government people.
  7. We will also take them to look around for fun, to several wineries and honey farms. He knows everything about BC and can help them find anything/new products.
  8. If they want to stay in BC longer or travel to Toronto or Comox, we can help.

The goal is to set up some long term relationship between the fruit importers, Eat Marketing and the farms themselves.


 Eat Marketing and its team and personnel are not responsible nor liable for any personal injury or loss that may occur during this trip. We are not responsible for what happens outside of the dates of this trip and things that you may do while on your own during the trip. We also cannot promise or guarantee any outcome to come out of this trip. Payment is due at time of booking and must be paid in full by May 20th, 2016. No refund on monies paid.