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What Does Eat Marketing Do?

Eat Marketing is a food marketer and export agent for Canadian food brands and offers four primary services for international food marketing

  1. Food Branding and Marketing
  2. Canadian Food Export and Sourcing Agent (representing food brands for Asian markets)
  3. Connecting foreign investors to Canadian investments
  4. North American and China Marketing Consulting

Food Branding and Marketing

Branding: We help develop strong brands from the ground up by determining your brand’s story, what makes you unique in your market, and how your brand will connect with your ideal customers.

Why you need a strong brand: When your brand has a strong message, you will have brand loyalty –customers asking for you by name – and will not be competing solely on price. We only work with premium brands.

Marketing: Once you have a brand, it is vital that your market knows about it. This can often be a time consuming, long-term and costly endeavor, but can result in raised brand awareness and increased sales.

Not only are we familiar with North American branding and marketing, we can cater Your Brand towards the Chinese market, which is quite different from branding for North American markets, and connect you with one of our marketing partners located in China for on the ground execution.


Canadian Food Export and Sourcing Agent (representing food brands for Asian markets)

Canadian food export: Eat Marketing acts as your representative (export agent) for your food products in the Asian marketplace,* attending key tradeshows and pitching your product to qualified buyers to secure your marketplace entry. *The Asian market is defined as Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. Note: we do not sell our contact list.

What to expect when trying to enter new markets with your food product: There can be a long string of meetings to find the right buyer or partner to take you into the market, and if the food producer wants long-term success it will also be a costly endeavor. Without a large marketing budget, your efforts to enter any new market will be difficult (but not impossible), so please plan ahead.

Canadian food sourcing: If you are not in Canada but are looking for a Canadian food product to import into your country, Eat Marketing has connections with producers, harvesters, and suppliers for every aspect of Canadian food. We are often asked for seafood, fruit, meat and dairy products. Let us know what you are looking for and if it is available, we will find it for you. Please note: there may be licenses and permits to get the food into your country.

Representing Canadian Food Brands for Asian markets

Eat Marketing represents several carefully selected food brands and commodities. Each has been selected because they are both clean and high quality, and are ready to export.

To see the products we represent, please go to this page.

Connecting foreign investors to Canadian investments

Canada is a large country with ample resources and a number of businesses either for sale or seeking investments. Because of our strict guidelines for clean, high quality food production and desirability as one of the best places in the world to live, we get requests from Asian investors wanting to either buy or invest in Canadian food companies to produce food products to import into their home countries.

We can facilitate Asian investment into British Columbian/Canadian investment opportunities, which may include food production businesses for sale or investment into new or existing food production businesses. We have a portfolio of investment opportunities available for qualified investors from Asia and will be hosting inbound trade missions for investors in 2016.

North American and China Marketing Consulting

Do you have a product in the Asian market that you would like to export and sell to the Western Market (North American, US and Canada)?

Eat Marketing understands the North American market in detail, from consumers’ tastes to how they buy and create food. With this knowledge we can position your food brand – and your non-food brands – for top performance in the marketplace.

Why go to North America? The North American market is large and can be a winning financial strategy for your brand.

Conversely, we are also familiar with branding case to target the Chinese market, particularly in the food sector. China is poised to become the leading economic power in the world within the next two decades and the rate of consumption is already growing exponentially. If you have a product that you think will do well in a large market, we can help you create your brand for China.