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About Ronald Lee

Ronald Lee, senior marketing consultant with Eat Marketing.

Ronald LeeRonald Lee is a food and brand marketer based in Vancouver, Canada. He has been involved in marketing since the early 2000’s and his first foray into exporting started in 2008 when he was involved a Canadian mission to Beijing, China during the Summer Olympics.

With the current trends in the world economy, as well as his love for travel and his interest in China, he is representing food and other high-end, high quality products to the Asian markets to share the best of what Canada has to offer to the world. Ronald expects there will be an ongoing demand for Canadian products as the Canadian brand becomes better known.

Not only is he familiar with North American branding and marketing, he also recently studied Chinese marketing and branding and can cater your brand towards the Chinese market, which is quite different from branding for North American markets.

When he is not working, you may find Ronald in local restaurants trying new foods or at home cooking a variety of cuisines. He also practices taijiquan for health, and lampoons as a professional commercial photographer.

He enjoys travelling and welcomes meeting new friends and spends half the year in (usually south) China.

You may find out more about Ronald Lee on his Linkedin Profile.