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About Eat Marketing

Eat Marketing is a food marketer and export agent, based in Vancouver, BC Canada, for Canadian food brands entering the Asian Market. Originally founded in 2010 with a focus on local food and hospitality marketing, our vision gradually expanded and has now shifted towards international food marketing on a global scale.

Our key markets of interest include China, Hong KongTaiwan, Japan and Korea and we attend conferences, trade missions and tradeshows in Canada and internationally, to stay on top of the latest food industry news and market trends, as well as to increase interaction with buyers, importers and producers from around the world.

Our main function is as a food marketer where we work with you to develop your brand and make it market-ready for your target market, whether it be your local area or abroad.

As an export agent, we carefully choose the foods we represent to ensure that they are of the highest quality and are a good fit for Asian tastes so that we can achieve our mission: to share the best of what Canada has to offer to the world.

We are also highly connected in the Canadian food products and commodities scene, and will be happy to help you source specific Canadian foods for your market. Canadian food products are highly desirable around the world because they are clean and very high quality compared to local foods, particularly in Asia.

In addition, we also facilitate Asian investment into British Columbian/Canadian investment opportunities, which may include food production businesses for sale or investment into new or existing food production businesses.

The areas we work in include:

  • Food Branding and Marketing
  • Canadian Food Export and Sourcing (representing food brands for Asian markets)
  • Connecting foreign investors to Canadian investments
  • North American and China Marketing Consulting

For more information about these services, please see our Services page.

If you’re interested in marketing your food brand and increasing your market share in these new markets by exporting, please don’t hesitate to contact us.