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George Moen

Another good friend of mine whom I highly respect is George Moen, serial entrepreneur, former president of Blenz, and now co-owner of Rapid Time Networks. I also referenced a quote from him in my Business in Vancouver article last month, something he shared over dinner at one of my client’s restaurant’s last year. George cited […]

restaurant recession

Another insight that my friend Aaron has for the survivability of restaurants in the long term is to carefully define the scope of your restaurant’s concept to be…middle of the road. That is, neither high end fine dining nor a low end low priced shack. His reasoning is that when times are tough for the […]

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As I shared in my Business in Vancouver article last month, my friend Aaron Koo was formerly a chef for many years, having worked at several high end establishments. He’s seen a lot and I enjoy hearing his insights on the restaurant business. One such nugget of wisdom is when you start a restaurant, whether […]

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Marketing your restaurant has changed over the past three years… Hi there! I’m very pleased to share that we are on page 35 of the Business in Vancouver newspaper this week (May 15th-22nd)! The article is called “Marketing your restaurant has changed over the past three years” and in it I talk about how restaurants […]

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Want to try your luck at opening a new restaurant in Vancouver? Before you do, I highly recommend you take a moment, and read this restaurant start-up checklist. There are many things to consider, whether you are opening a coffee bar, a hip bistro, a trendy sushi nook, or whatever your dreams lead you to. […]

Your Restaurant Needs a Website

by Vincent Ng on January 3, 2012 · 0 comments

Your Restaurant Needs a Website

I’m still amazed at the number of restaurant owners that refuse to put up a website. Even though they know that customers are searching for them online and are losing tens of thousands of dollars in sales a year. When I talk to my friends it’s almost guaranteed that they are searching for restaurants on […]